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About Fusion Business Mobiles

A few words about Fusion Business Mobiles

Fusion Mobile are a Unified Solutions Provider (USP). A Unified Solutions Provider in simple terms means we provide telecoms and IT services which are designed and delivered to work together, saving you time and money and making your business more efficient.

We deliver and manage business mobiles, business telephone systems, Internet connectivity, Cloud computing solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, online data backup and Anti-Virus all supported by our dedicated UK based team.

We are also accredited partners of our two main technology suppliers Vodafone and Microsoft across their product portfolios.

Fusion Mobile are all about Joining Up technology

With IT and telecoms technologies rapidly becoming more and more integrated and dependant on each other, it’s now hard to draw a line on where the services start and finish. Fusion Business Mobiles are at the forefront of this convergence of technologies and we can help you with a Technology Road Map to deliver the right long term solutions for your business.

We can join up your business telephone system, business mobiles and IT systems so your staff have access to more flexible systems which are scalable and much more cost effective to run.

We’ve saved some of our clients up to 65% off their telecoms and IT costs whilst significantly improving the systems they use and the support they receive.

Fusion Mobile are all about service

Our business is all about giving you “the best customer experience” possible. Its through such dedication and attention to detail that we will always drive to improve our service levels and product solutions.

Our customers receive managed service levels which allow us to truly measure how good the service is that we provide. On average we complete 98.5% of all our customer requests on time across all the products we support.

Fusion Mobile are all about the Cloud

With office and home based Internet connectivity becoming faster and more cost effective, moving your IT and telecoms services to the Cloud can give your business some real competitive advantages. Also it’s not just about fixed connectivity anymore with 4G available on your business mobile contracts you can get fibre broadband data speeds whilst on the move from your smartphone.

So by having your IT and telecoms services in the Cloud, your users can have access to your systems and information anywhere, anytime with disaster recovery and flexibility built in as standard. Also moving your IT and business telephone systems to the Cloud is extremely competitive compared to the big capital expenditure you’ve been used to from more traditional telecoms and IT solutions.

Fusion Business Mobiles - Vodafone Gold Partner

Fusion Mobile, HTC Authorised Ultimate Partner

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Our Journey

Our journey started in 2004 when we set out to help UK small businesses achieve a higher level of service and support for their mobile communications.

Today we haven’t forgotten our roots; we still strive to deliver a great service to small and medium UK businesses, however we are now also trusted by Global Enterprises to manage their IT and communication needs.

Contact us now on 0333 0142484 to discuss how Fusion Mobile can enhance your current business mobile solution.

Market Leading Solutions

We deliver a full Unified Communications and Cloud Computing portfolio including supplying and joining up your business mobile phones, business landlines, business telephony systems and business connectivity along with your office IT systems to deliver better ways of working.

Investing in more efficient technology solutions wont impact on your cashflow.

Receiving A Good Service?

Do you have anyway of proving the service you get from your existing suppliers is good or bad?

At Fusion Mobile all of the products and services we provide have a service level agreement (SLA) which means every time you ask us to do something, we have predefined amount of time we should process your request in.