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Business 4G

Make the most of your mobile phone with superior 4G coverage for better mobile working

  • £800 million investment in a 4G network
  • That’s £2.5 million per day investment
  • Extended indoor coverage
  • Integrated fixed and mobile UK network
  • Faster mobile access while on the move
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce travelling time

Business 4G

Business 4G is here, right now. Business 4G is the new mobile technology which gives you faster download speeds up to similar rates of your fibre broadband connections. We provide business mobile phone contracts for 4G.

Why does your business need 4G?

Business 4G ready Nokia 625In today’s world customers, suppliers and partners all want instant decisions. In recent times this was only available through being in the office to access all the information you needed to make that decision. Now with 4G, your employees can access your company information via their smartphone or a tablet or laptop connected to their smartphone through tethering remotely with a connection speed that allows an in office experience on the move.

If you virtually connect to your desktop in the office using your laptop, previous mobile data speeds were not sufficient to hold a connection long enough to work consistently. Now with up to 40Mbps download speeds your connection to the office and your business information is rapid, consistent and fit for purpose.

Using software products like Microsoft Office 365 means we all can access our SharePoint data, Exchange email and use applications like Lync for video conferencing from a mobile location.

Also if you have homeworkers or remote small office locations, with the data speeds available on 4G, your business can use a Mi-Fi router with a 4G mobile broadband sim to give you an instant data connection rather than waiting up to 6 weeks to get a BT line installed and broadband activated.

Making your staff and business more efficient could save you more than your monthly communication costs in total. Something worth considering when you review your communications contracts next.

What download speeds is my business likely to see from 4G

We have chosen Vodafone as our 4G business mobile network partner. We’ve chosen Vodafone as they have invested in buying the largest amount of 4G spectrum compared to the other UK mobile networks which should provide the best in building coverage and largest capacity experience overall. Vodafone spent over £802 million on securing over a third of the 800MHz frequency plus a useful proportion of higher frequencies for dense urban areas.

What 4G means for your business

  • Faster file transfers whilst on the move – you don’t have to drive back to the office anymore
  • Real-time decisions – Use video conferencing, Unified Communications, remote desktop sharing and collaboration to make instant decisions.
  • 98% coverage indoors for the UK – Allowing a mobile signal to penetrate deeper into buildings allowing a better coverage and user experience than ever before

When you look at your mobile phone, next to your signal indicator is a letter. The letter determines the data speed of the mobile cell site you are connected to. Here is an indication of what data speeds you will receive on the Vodafone mobile network.

  • 2G – G and E showing on your mobile device – up to .15 mbps download speeds
  • 3G – 3G showing on your mobile device – up to 2.1 mbps download speeds
  • 3G+ – H or H+ showing on your mobile device – up to 12 mbps download speeds
  • 4G – 4G showing on your mobile device – up to 40 mbps download speeds

Please note you need a 4G compatible device, 4G coverage and a 4G activated business tariff to get 4G data download speeds when device displays H+.

When is 4G coming to my area?

Fusion Mobile delivering Business 4G through VodafoneVodafone launched 4G in London on 29th August 2013 and have announced that 4G will be available in Bradford, Leeds, Birmingham, Coventry, Sheffield, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow by the end of 2013. Vodafone have committed to roll out 3G coverage to 98% of the UK population by the end of 2015 allowing an average of 2 mbps download speeds even in rural areas.

If you would like to check 4G coverage for your business, please check out Vodafone UK 4G coverage map.

Choose Fusion Mobile for business 4G

Small businesses through to international PLC’s with thousands of staff rely on Fusion Mobile to manage their communications and cloud IT services. We are a technology business who take the time to understand your business objectives and help you deliver a technology road map to make sure you have communications and IT solutions to make your staff as effective and efficient as possible.

Talk to us today on 08452636943 about how Fusion Mobile and business 4G can help you become more agile and get ahead of your competition.

Market Leading Solutions

We deliver a full Unified Communications and Cloud Computing portfolio including supplying and joining up your business mobile phones, business landlines, business telephony systems and business connectivity along with your office IT systems to deliver better ways of working.

Investing in more efficient technology solutions wont impact on your cashflow.

Receiving A Good Service?

Do you have anyway of proving the service you get from your existing suppliers is good or bad?

At Fusion Mobile all of the products and services we provide have a service level agreement (SLA) which means every time you ask us to do something, we have predefined amount of time we should process your request in.