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Business Android Smartphones

The Business Android Smartphones platform is perfect for creating mobile “line of business” applications, giving you secure control of the device when paired with mobile device management

  • Ranging service for application developers
  • Mobile device management
  • Loan test devices
  • 24 Hour warranty replacement

Business Android Smartphones

Google’s Android mobile software is the most used mobile smartphone platform in the world today. There is a wide choice of Business Android Smartphones available and its our responsibility at Fusion Mobile to help you choose the right smartphone for your business needs. We work with the major Android manufacturers so you can be confident that we have access to product road maps to keep you up to date about where the market place is moving to and using our buying power to get you competitive prices.

Android smartphones using Mobile Device Management

At Fusion Mobile, we believe all Android smartphones should be managed by a Mobile Device Management system. As Google Android is open source mobile software with applications available through the Google Play Store or via third parties which can be put directly on to the phone, you need to protect your business from viruses and malware in the same way as you would your PC users. Research from multiple sources suggests a high percentage of applications developed for Android smartphones contain harmful viruses which could steal your business information or render your handset inoperable. We can help you benefit from all the great reasons to use Google Android whilst making the handset you choose secure and fit for purpose.

Android smartphones using business applications

Google Android is probably now the most popular mobile platform for software companies to write business applications which access business systems from your mobile phone. You can access your CRM, unified communication solutions such as Microsoft Lync Voice and many other back office systems (ERP) helping your company becoming more agile and efficient as a result of seeing real time data coming back from the field. If you have a business application which has been developed for Android smartphones, we can use Mobile Application Deployment to send your app over the air onto your devices and manage updates and new application roll outs. We manage this process for numerous business application partners whose customers benefit greatly from being able to manage their devices remotely.

24 hour warranty replacement for all Android smartphones

All our customers receive 24 month warranty on their Android smartphones with a next business day replacement service. We understand you can’t afford to be without a device in business, so our warranty replacement scheme keeps you users up and running.

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We deliver a full Unified Communications and Cloud Computing portfolio including supplying and joining up your business mobile phones, business landlines, business telephony systems and business connectivity along with your office IT systems to deliver better ways of working.

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