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Business Fax to Email Solution

Your trusted fax machine has just got an upgrade, receive your faxes as emails for easier distribution and storage

  • Delivered Instantly via email
  • Reduce the need for a fax line
  • Receive faxes via your mobile phone
  • No call charges, just one monthly fee
  • Go paperless – no paper, toner or power

Business Fax to Email Solution

Fax to Email (Incoming)

Save on your finances and make business efficiency faster through a private, efficient and environmentally-friendly fax to email solution, delivering your fax as a PDF which you can use with either a new number or transfer over to your existing fax number.

Life with out Fax to Email

Without stating the obvious if you didn’t have Fax to Email you would have to resort to scanning in faxes if you wanted to store them in your customer relationship (CRM) system or replaying via email and filling the fax machine up with paper every week.

How it works

A Fax-Email service presents smaller organisations with a private, effective and environmentally-friendly fax-email solution on already existent or ported geographic (01, 02, 03) and non-geographic numbers (0844, 0871).

As well as a choice of numbers and the option to transfer existing fax machines onto the system, you can also take full advantage of the web management portal, meaning total control of fax numbers and email addresses, as well as the means to allow particular users or department admittance and appoint equivalent fax numbers to each.

The web portal ensures faxes are stored in a safe environment, thus also bringing down the expenditure brought about by printing and hard copy storage, and making sure each fax is accessible wherever you might be.

By way of the number assigned as your fax number and certified with the system, each and every fax delivered can be transformed automatically into PDF files and then sent to a chosen email address, while also remaining accessible in the web portal.

This is all done with one fixed month by month charge, but no extra charges for calls!

Your choice of numbers

Fax-Email means taking the benefits of any of the below numbers, at a set one-time fee which includes all call charges:

01, 02, 03 Geographic Numbers

0844 Non Geographic Numbers

0871 Non Geographic Numbers

Alternatively, why not transfer your existing fax numbers to us and cancel any redundant fax line rentals? Please be aware you will still need to retain a method of sending out bound information, whether you scan information and email it or use just one outbound analogue line for faxing.

Key Benefits

  • Instant, confidential delivery of faxes via email as a PDF document
  • Free up your phone lines – no hardware or lines required
  • Receive faxes while out of the office via mobile email
  • Single fixed rate – no call charges
  • Save on fax consumables and energy – no paper, toner or power
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