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Moving to the cloud is the best decision we’ve made

About Leversedge Telecom

Leversedge Telecom Services Ltd. has 38 years of experience providing:

  • Private Business Radio solutions from simple two way radios to sophisticated network solutions.
  • Its own Vehicle, asset and personnel tracking system Solutions, products and services for the cash and valuables in transit sector.
  • Affordable two way radio hire services.
  • Valued added services by our operations and maintenance team who are directly responsible for their customers’ technical and operational requirements.

The team at Leversedge is made up of exciting and innovative individuals who constantly come up with superb solutions for their customers which has resulted in a strong trust and continued growth for both parties.

Leversedge have a unique understanding of the health and safety as well as security risk assessment in the work they continue to provide for their clients.

With secure foundations and a long established “Blue Chip” customer base, Leversedge Telecom Services is a highly dynamic organisation.

As a technology independent company Leversedge is ideally placed to provide professional advice and solutions that match their customer’s precise needs and expectations.

Business Needs

Leversedge were looking to reduce costs in their business by removing on-premise IT solutions and migrating their IT infrastructure to the cloud. With a high proportion of employers working remotely there was a need to improve internal communications, including how employees collaborated on projects. As part of the project they were looking for the following improvements in their mobile provider.

  • A mobile billing solution that could identify VAT by individual mobile user.
  • A partner who could keep them up to date with the latest mobile technologies and advise on how they would impact on the overall IT strategy.
  • A company that could provide IT as well as telephony services.
  • A company that understood the cost base of both their IT and telephony services and where they were dependant on each other.
  • Increased mail box capacity for all users.
  • Improved document sharing and archiving.
  • Improved internal communications.


The main barrier to entry for a hosted telephony system and the cause for unnecessary costs was the old infrastructure, so the first thing Fusion suggested was to remove the ISDN lines and replace them with a new ethernet circuit, This reduced the monthly connectivity costs and paved the way for a new Vodafone One Net phone system.

The Vodafone One Net phone system was installed, this gave the business the chance to integrate their mobiles with their landlines and have the ability to transfer calls between each other.  This also speeded up the response time for resolving issues with clients.

The internal mail servers were migrated to Microsoft Office 365, reducing ongoing maintenance costs and keeping the business constantly up to date with the latest Microsoft Office software.

Key users were also trained on using Microsoft Lync to help improve the internal communication by making use of instant messaging and group conference calling.

To maximise the new hosted Microsoft environment of Office 365, Windows Phone was chosen as the device of choice for Leversedge employees, this gave them the very best experience for their email, shared documents and group conference calling.

All devices were rolled out configured and ready to use with a key user training programme to make sure the devices were put to best use from day 1.

Benefits for Leversedge

  • A more competitive mobile contract then incumbent supplier.
  • Constant Advice on future mobile technology roadmaps.
  • Increased mail sizes.
  • Direct account management with more proactive level of service.
  • A telephony system that integrated mobile and landline users.
  • All the latest Microsoft software secure and in the cloud.

Customer: Leversedge Telecom Services


Country or Region: United Kingdom

Industry: Telecommunications

Leversedge Telecom are a forward thinking, innovative and proactive provider of services and solutions for customers requiring wireless voice and data communications.

Software and Services

  • Windows Phone Devices
  • Vodafone One Net Phone System
  • Microsoft Office 365

Customer Quote

“Fusion Mobile came highly recommended and they have exceeded all expectations. Their knowledge of the communications market as well as Office 365 have ensured that our internal and external communications run extremely smoothly.  The introduction of Office 365 has significantly improved our user experience as well as looking after product licencing.”

Quote Credit
Dave Williams I.T. & Technical Director Leversedge Telecom Services

Market Leading Solutions

We deliver a full Unified Communications and Cloud Computing portfolio including supplying and joining up your business mobile phones, business landlines, business telephony systems and business connectivity along with your office IT systems to deliver better ways of working.

Investing in more efficient technology solutions wont impact on your cashflow.

Receiving A Good Service?

Do you have anyway of proving the service you get from your existing suppliers is good or bad?

At Fusion Mobile all of the products and services we provide have a service level agreement (SLA) which means every time you ask us to do something, we have predefined amount of time we should process your request in.