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Fusion helped us move from our old exchange server to Office 365

About RG Wilbrey

Founded in 1964 by Roy Wilbrey and based in his home of Wolverhampton. Roy came from the background of Chartered Engineering which provided the company with an indepth understanding of the needs for employers to comply with the legislation for health and safety in the workplace.

The business was developed with the purpose of providing effective support to employers. By developing strong partnerships with clients, many of which RG Wilbrey still support today.

Their purpose built offices in Wolverhampton provide the hub of operations for their directly employed consultants/advisors.

Business Needs

RG Wilbrey were looking to improve their email services as the current solution was seven years old and taking considerable IT resources to maintain.

They had no disaster recovery solution for their on-site email servers and no back-up for their communications lines and on-site telephone system.

Moving from a traditional paper fax system was also important to speed up the communication of important information and improve on the storage of information.

Users were desperately running out of mail box space with their then current mail solution, so increased storage for users email services was needed.

RG Wilbrey were looking for a communication business partner who could:

  • Keep them up to date with the latest mobile technologies and advise on how they would impact on the overall It strategy.
  • Support both IT and Telecoms.
  • Demonstrate innovative solutions through the use of the latest technologies.


The solution was to move the customer to Microsoft Office 365 so that they could switch off their old server, freeing up space and reducing time spent maintaining the email service.

The old on-premise phone system was replaced with the latest hosted IP telephony system, enabling users to work remotely or from home.

A fax-to-email service was implemented to improve their business process for receiving and storing customer reports. And Microsoft OneDrive was set up for local user data storage.

RG Wilbrey moved their mobiles across to Fusion Mobile, taking Samsung smartphones, and their IT manager was trained on how to set up the phones email.

A business grade EFM line and a backup broadband line was installed to improve connectivity and build in some resilience to the overall solution.

Benefits for RG Wilbrey

  • Cost for the broadband.
  • Reduced costs on new telephone system and connectivity by 50%
  • Increased user email storage from 1Gb per user to 50GB per users.
  • A more competitive contract than the previous supplier.
  • Advice on future mobile technology roadmaps.
  • Direct account management with more proactive level of service.

Customer: R G Wilbrey


Country or Region: United Kingdom

Industry: Health and Safety

Customer Profile

RG Wilbrey are a leading health and safety consultancy offering services for contractors and production support, management and technical support, accident prevention and investigation, training and administrative support.  They help companies and contractors deliver completed projects on time, through innovative and assured solutions.

Software and Services

  • Windows Phone Devices
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Horizon Phone System
  • IT Support Contract

Customer Quote

“We moved from our old exchange server to Office 365; This, linked with the move to a hosted telephone system meant users experienced improved systems, massively improved our disaster recovery and everyone can work more effectively when off-site.

This along with our savings with our new mobile phone contract, significantly reduced our cost base.”

Quote Credit

Andy Barber, IT Manager, RG Wilbrey

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