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Fusion are at Euro Bus Expo 2014

Fusion are having a few days out of the office at the Euro Bus and Coach Expo 2014 at the NEC Birmingham. It was only a few years ago that the transport industry was one of the lesser spending industries with regards to mobile voice and data and mobile suppliers tended to steer away from it.

But with the evolution of the mobile Networks to 4G, the much improved development of the mobile operating systems and the will to do more with your mobile from the general consumer, we thought we would give it a re-visit.

The show is actually organised by one of our customers (Diversified Communications UK), who take pretty much all of our products and the show seemed a great opportunity to talk to some of the industry and see what the latest and greatest things are, while getting a chance to demonstrate some of new technologies.

People do say I look a little like Brendon from Coach Trip, so the irony in me now being an amateur coach and bus enthusiast mildly amuses me. Becoming a semi-expert in coach seating, bus washes, fire protection for bus engines and digital tachographs was not the first thing I thought I would be getting out of the show, but here I am absorbing it all in like a sponge.

Eddie and Henry are running the stand, while I am looking for exhibitors that we might be able to partner with and escorting Vodafone around the show, introducing them to key people to take part in the Vodafone video case study they are doing with Fusion and Diversified Communications.

Diversified Communications UK take Microsoft Office 365, Vodafone OneNet and IT support from Fusion, Vodafone OneNet pretty much covers your landlines, mobiles, fixed line and data connectivity and Office 365 covers your email, collaboration and instant messaging.

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