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Mobile Application Deployment Solutions

Deploying a company application or network settings to a fleet of company mobiles can be a daunting task, Fusion help deploy your new devices business ready

  • Mobile device testing and selection
  • Device configuration service
  • Key end user training
  • Applications update seamlessly
  • Enhances user experience
  • Adoption of new technology

Mobile Application Deployment Solutions

Smartphones are becoming more popular in business these days and with a smartphone comes a whole host of new opportunities.  Businesses now have a rich web browsing experience, which means they can use web based applications that historically would have been unusable.  They can also get access to applications either straight from an app market place or a custom built application for a specific line of business.  But how can you control and manage what applications your staff can use.  That’s where Mobile Application Deployment comes into its own.

Mobile Application Deployment Solutions – So what if I don’t deploy my applications properly?

Mobile Application Deployment
Mobile Application Deployment

Even with the consumerisation of IT not all employees are IT literate and installing a mobile application can take considerable IT knowledge. Like understanding how to set up a mobile virtual private network (MVPN) or change the data usage threshold.  Badly deployed applications can mean bringing your valuable field based resource off the road to get the application installed or updated and you not knowing who has the latest version of the application.  All things result in a bad customer experience, reduced productivity of the users and a waste of your companies valuable IT resource.

What are Mobile Application Deployment Solutions?

This is the management of the mobile application, making sure all mobile devices are up to date with the latest version of the software and all the users are trained on getting the most out of it.  Assuming that all the other benefits of mobile device management have been set up, like security policies, user groups, and terms of use, the deployment and continual maintenance of the relevant company applications is the most important thing.

Mobile application deployment starts at the very beginning, and Fusion Mobile already work closely with the handset manufacturers like Nokia, HTC and Samsung, the software developers as well as the end client to make sure everything is compatible with the mobile device management platform.

Once the application is proven to work with a device that has been approved by the mobile device management platform, then a transition plan is built, which includes the setting up and configuring of the devices, the training of key users and a timed role out of the new devices.

When an application is deployed correctly, you can measure and monitor who has installed the application correctly and at what time, and not have to call or email each individual user.

Benefits of a well deployed mobile application for businesses

The main purpose of deploying a mobile application is to improve productivity and improve efficiencies in a particular business area such as workforce automation or logistics solutions. To get these efficiencies users must be well trained and the application available 100% of the time.

  • It keeps key users engaged with the business
  • It gives a better user experience which will increase the productivity of the user
  • It keeps users on the road working and not having to come back into the office to be set up
  • It reduces inbound calls to the IT support desk, freeing up valuable IT resource

Benefits to a software company writing mobile applications

Fusion Mobile already works closely with software companies helping them understand what the best options are for deploying their application onto their client’s devices.

  • It improves the control of software up dates
  • It improves the user experience, resulting in higher customer satisfaction
  • It increase customer up take of the applications

If you are a software development company who would like to benefit from our partner programme then please call 0845 263 6943

Writing the perfect mobile application

Fusion Mobile already works closely with the software developer community and can put you in touch with the correct specialist depending on what type of mobile application you are looking for.

For a free assessment of your mobile application deployment requirements please call 0845 263 6943

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