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Business Grade Broadband You Can Rely On

With more companies relying on the internet to access important information and applications, a quality Broadband connection is critical to the success of your business.

  • Tailored Broadband to suit your business.
  • Reuse equipment to reduce your costs
  • Simple pricing structure.
  • Simplify supply chain for your connectivity

Business Broadband

Fusion Mobile Business Broadband

At Fusion Mobile we believe that it is important to stay connected at all times, whether you are in the office or out on the road and that’s why we offer a range of mobile business broadband products you can use to connect your office to the internet to stay connected.

  • Options for quick download and upload speeds customised to your business
  • Wide choice of business class DSL connections based around Next Gen network connectivity
  • Fully flexible and competitive charging methods ensure you get the right service for your business
  • An entire data package, which includes IP address and routing, or wires only service
  • Ardent auditing and connection correction

Life without Broadband

Sometimes your business can become reliant on something before you know it and Broadband is one of those things.  If your Broadband stops working then your employees might not be able to access the information they need to do their jobs and you might not be able to get important information to your customers via email or maybe a scheduled webinar.

How it works

Our data services were distinctly made to employ the newest network connections, ensuring Fusion is in total charge of how traffic is directed across the network. With this command and adaptability, Fusion can offer an entire portfolio of multiple upload and download speeds as well as unique, made-to-measure charging methods for your organisation’s own broadband use.

We can provide a total ‘out of box’ solution with router attainment, microfilters, IP addressing and any central connections needed, for example, actual concrete phone lines. You may already own equipment and want to use it again for our wires only service. If so we can help in ensuring you get kicked off properly with the connectivity you need.

Take a closer look

We offer three types of charging models to suit your business:

Capped – A capped service ensuring as much as 5 GB of download or upload, including a fee per GB if you go over this this during the month. This structure is aimed at organisations with lesser broadband usage, that need a very competitive rate per month.

Unmetered – An uncapped service, it is unlimited, but subject to Fair Use Policy of 50 GB per month. Aimed at organisations who have a general broadband use.

Unlimited – Truly unlimited; no Fair Use Policy. Aimed at organisations with large broadband usage, for example, those needing to link up to web or mail servers, or that have large use services, for example file transfer.

Once you have chosen your preferred charging model you can then choose from a wide portfolio of available data connections.

Key Benefits

  • Choose a Broadband service that is right for your business.
  • Save money by reusing existing equipment, and only using the bandwidth your business requires.
  • Know your costs upfront with our simple pricing structure.
  • Use the same supplier for your broadband as you do for other key telephony products and services, keeping your critical business connection in one place with an experienced supplier.
  • Tailor your Broadband connection to your requirements.
Market Leading Solutions

We deliver a full Unified Communications and Cloud Computing portfolio including supplying and joining up your business mobile phones, business landlines, business telephony systems and business connectivity along with your office IT systems to deliver better ways of working.

Investing in more efficient technology solutions wont impact on your cashflow.

Receiving A Good Service?

Do you have anyway of proving the service you get from your existing suppliers is good or bad?

At Fusion Mobile all of the products and services we provide have a service level agreement (SLA) which means every time you ask us to do something, we have predefined amount of time we should process your request in.