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Mobile Device Management

Keep your business information safe and secure with Fusion’s mobile device management platform

  • Manage your mobiles with IT level controls
  • Update your mobiles over the air
  • Manage applications users have access to
  • Lock, locate and wipe devices remotely
  • Control employees mobile access

Mobile Device Management

If you manage your communications contract within your business you will understand how difficult it is to control and stay on top of your end users smartphones and tablets without a mobile device management system.

Mobile devices are essentially mini PC’s today and allow you to access company information, personal information, applications, the internet and so much more. Your more than likely have a PC policy for deploying and making a user’s computer secure and controlling the information and applications they access so why don’t you have the same principals for your business mobile phones and tablets?

Life without Mobile Device Management

Recent reports suggest up to 50% of applications on certain mobile operating systems app stores contain Malware and viruses which could steal your company information from your devices.

Mobile Device Management Solution
Mobile Device Management Solution

Without having a Mobile Device Management system you’re potentially allowing your employees full access to all the features of a smartphone or tablet that could drastically reduce their efficiency by downloading games, music and non business applications along with general internet browsing instead of focusing on their business tasks.

Also if you have line of business applications which your employees access to do their tasks electronically on a daily basis, most companies do not have a way of automatically deploying that application remotely onto a device or updating it resulting in costly downtime of getting your employees back into the office every time a change needs to be made.

IT Managers have to do a lot more manual work on mobile smartphones and tablets as they don’t have the similar systems they manage PC’s and laptops for mobile device management.

Key Benefits of Mobile Device Management

  • Web based Mobile Device Console – Administrators can log straight into a secure website and can setup, enroll and manage all your company devices from one central point. There is no need for onsite servers which reduces IT costs and strain on your networks
  • Manage Multiple Device OS – You can manage multiple smartphone and tablet OS’s such as Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone and Apple iOS from the same central console
  • Remote Deployment – An end user can download the device management app onto their phone, input their login details and they are instantly connected to the system. No need to come to the office.
  • Application Management and Deployment – You can manage apps over the air, push new apps or app updates, remove apps or even restrict what apps users can access.
  • Profiles – Profiles allow you to define what users can access through their device such as removing internet browsing and access to apps through to setting up Exchange email. VPN settings and company Wi-Fi credentials
  • Groups – You can have multiple levels of groups allowing to split users into companies, divisions, job categories for simpler management of user types. You can grant administrator access at each level also to empower managers to own their employees device management requirements
  • Terms of Use – You can put your company mobility policy into the online console and ask the user to accept these terms when they activate their device on to the device management system
  • Security – you can encrypt devices, enforce a password and pin code and lock and remotely wipe a device if it gets lost or stolen
  • Real Time Management and Information – You can make changes to settings and profiles which are updated in real time the minute your users device has a data connection. You can see on the mobile device management console when the changes have happened.

Mobile Device Management Summary

Having the ability to control and manage your group of mobile phone devices within the business can dramatically reduce costs and improve efficiencies.  Why not arrange an initial consultation with us and we can discuss how we have improved and controlled companies mobiles cost and how this could work for you.  Give us a call today on 0845 263 6943 or click here to arrange a call back from one of our specialist team of Mobile Device Management consultants.

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