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Vodafone add Microsoft Lync to One Net business

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It has been talked about for some time now and it clearly gives Vodafone an advantage in the small medium business market, putting Vodafone leaps and bounds ahead of the other UK mobile networks.

By adding Microsoft Lync to the Vodafone One Net business service UK businesses can make calls from nearly any device, and they only have one number and one voicemail to manage. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Microsoft Lync it’s a unified communications tool from Microsoft that gives users the ability to share screens, instant message each other and see who’s available with the use of presence, you can also use it as a conferencing tool.

If you have Microsoft Office 365 from Vodafone, you have always been able make calls for free to other Microsoft Lync users but until now you couldn’t make calls to people who didn’t have Lync. By Vodafone adding Microsoft Lync to One Net business you can now make calls to anyone and it will come out of your UK mobile minutes bundle.

Vodafone have gone one step further than other organisations who have enabled the “Enterprise Voice” element of Lync by integrating it with their Vodafone One Net business phone system, this means you can easily transfer calls between mobiles and landlines, create hunt groups, plus many more features that traditional phone systems have and it is all provided from one supplier.

What do you need to take advantage of Microsoft Lync voice from Vodafone?

Firstly you will need to have Vodafone One Net business, this is a hosted phone system that converges your landlines and mobiles, meaning no matter what device you use you are seen as an extension to your company phone system.

Secondly you will need Microsoft Office 365, you will have to have purchased this from Vodafone as its Vodafone that have invested in their network and datacentres to make everything work together. When you purchase Office 365 you get Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Sharepoint Online and Microsoft Lync Online, you can also get the Microsoft Office suite dependant on which tariff plan you sign up to.

Thirdly you will need to activate the Lync Voice element of Microsoft Lync Online, this can be added to anyone of your Office 365 tariff plans.

And finally it would be advised to make sure whoever you sign up to Vodafone through that they have an understanding of both telecommunications and IT as this solution is a truly converged proposition that bring both worlds together.

Fusion Mobile have the expertise and knowledge of how to make all this happen seamlessly and if you are looking to move to Vodafone One Net business with Microsoft Lync voice Fusion would be more than happy to come and talk to you about it.

Written by

Stuart Cordingley

Head of Channel at Fusion Mobile - Mobile Phone and Windows Phone specialist helping UK IT Re-sellers with their clients.
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