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Vodafone One Net

Ever imagined what it would be like to transfer a call from your mobile to the office and back again without any apps or gimmicks?,  Vodafone One Net is the only Cloud based telephone system which integrates mobiles at network level

  • Integrate your mobile, landline and telephone system onto one platform
  • Full telephone system features on mobiles and desk phones
  • Full disaster recovery solution
  • Phone system in the cloud
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office 365
  • Make your staff more efficient

Vodafone One Net

Vodafone One Net is the market leading FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) solution.

The Vodafone One Net solution allows your business mobiles to become virtual landlines. You employees can answer calls on either their Vodafone One Net Cisco office desk phones or mobiles, as both can ring at the same time, meaning you never miss a call again.

Also your staff can use telephone system features on their mobile when they are out the office, meaning everyone in your business is completely connected.

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See how Diversified Communications Midlands moved to the Cloud with no increase in costs and no setup charges with Fusion Mobile

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Get an understanding of how Vodafone One Net business works to help you deliver real benefits to your business

How we helped Leversedge Telecoms Service move to the Cloud

Our video case study of how Leversedge Telecom Services move to Vodafone One Net and Microsoft Office 365

Fusion Mobile are a fully accredited Vodafone Solutions Specialist

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Review your communications strategy

We offer a free audit to analyse your existing landline, mobile and telephone system costs and how you communicate as a business against the business benefits of the Vodafone One Net solution.

We will deliver you a total cost of ownership (TCO) report so you can understand the true benefits of a one bill, one supplier, one support contract unified communication solution.

This will easily allow you to compare like for like and make an informed decision on the right decision for your commercial needs.

Benefits of moving your communications to the Cloud

Traditional onsite telephone systems have been a reliable workhorse for many years, however they restrict companies who have mobile workforces and often have poor disaster recovery options. As Vodafone One Net is a Hosted Business IP telephony solution, it means should you lose your office communications for any reason, calls can easily be routed to other sites or mobile users seamlessly.

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Vodafone One Net – complete business communications

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